tag:blog.mrphilgames.com,2013:/posts Mr. Phil Games’ Blog 2022-10-23T22:06:56Z MrPhil tag:blog.mrphilgames.com,2013:Post/1828497 2022-05-10T23:22:50Z 2022-05-10T23:22:50Z <content type="html"> <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><p> The problem with Democracy is that no one gets their "Correct" view encoded into law.  Everything is a compromise; every coalition has a faultline. But it’s hard to get elected on a Campaign slogans of:</p><p><b>Mostly what we want! </b></p><p><b>Nothing that would upsets those Assholes over there!</b></p><p><b>Yay! Compromise!</b></p><p><b>Go asshiles! I love they are getting stuff they want too!!</b></p></div>]]> </content> <author> <name>MrPhil</name> </author> </entry> <entry> <id>tag:blog.mrphilgames.com,2013:Post/1827653</id> <published>2022-05-08T23:23:36Z</published> <updated>2022-10-23T22:06:56Z</updated> <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="https://blog.mrphilgames.com/set-phasers-to-fun"/> <title>Set Phasers to Fun

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